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FIFA17 first update patch push to add the Premier League

  • November 3, 2016

    1st update patch push to add the Premier League broadcast pictures to fix the fancy action problem
    For the love of football game player, prior to I believe everybody will at EA and KONAMI 2017> to choose a "live football. The two games happen to be officially on sale, and single game high quality, two were excellent, and the user evaluation score is quite high. But in the sales point of view, or greater. Currently EA officially push the very first patch sent , check out how to update those issues!
    The very first will be to add a Premier League style broadcast interface, when the player chooses two Premier League teams to play friendly matches or in profession mode for the Premier League match, it's going to automatically use the English Premier League style broadcast image.
    Furthermore to previous artistic movements (Ability Moves) will result in the ball separation trouble has been repaired, which can relax in the handball game player in front of different artistic movements.
    The balance with the game, immediately after this update, affixed to the pass (even at 3 beneath lengthy) is weakened, increases the failure probability of pass way.
    The following can be a detailed update log :
    Can play
    - repair input in rescue after cancelling no response.
    In the end of early repair penalties in some circumstances.
    - enhance the trend of personal computer AI direct attack.
    - improved some player separation ball in fancy moves after the issue.
    - improve the ground pass (even at three occasions lengthy) error probability.
    Physical problems - increase the ball lose a lot of speed hit the post.
    - enhanced corner goalkeeper stance.
    - improve the corner and when set the switch operation.
    In some situations - had been forced to rescue, now the game player can choose to manually controlled the ball.
    - improved logic Zhengding header corner.
    - Fixed some bug. Manual with the celebration
    - controversial penalty shots might be skipped.
    - improved shot response.
    - slightly enhanced the ball inside the air, pass the response.
    Club mode
    - increase the higher value of general capacity required experience. (EA official stated: soon after the update, game player could come across their overall potential worth will decline, but this really is regular)
    - Fixed player in some circumstances the custom face can not show the normal difficulties.
    UT mode
    Single - the difficulty in the game no longer refer for your computer difficulty settings.
    Inside the on the web game to repair the injured players are going to be forced to alter the issue.
    Inside the revised text and custom tactics within the shooting.
    Career mode
    - Fixed some personal computer AI will likely be major players on the bench for the problem.
    Visual effect
    - added new 2016/17 Premier League season broadcast package.
    - upgrade Argentina club and Sarsfield di Gray athletic athletic jerseys, billboards and banners.
    Inside a penalty shootout just after winning the final goalkeeper saved the ball, he will likely be in a appropriate strategy to celebrate.
    - solve the selected Jersey will not seem in the game.
    To resolve the issue just before - drop frame in practice.
    - solved in some climate, players and players halitus separation model issues.
    - repair some other minor difficulties.
    At the moment update patch has been pushed to 1 PS4, Xbox and Pc, with the game players can now check for updates.
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