World of Warcraft 7 army coming on the internet in the October

  • Globe of Warcraft 7 army coming on line within the October 20th revision
    In October 20th, Blizzard announced "online Globe of Warcraft > correction, Blizzard appears to become going to balance the occupation are placed inside the upcoming October 27th update on the 7.1< return to the praise of Cara >, recently numerous amendments are carried out in the repair of many different game bug, on the web right now revised the demon hunter single brush copy of MOP can not get dropped, and slightly it weakened the emerald nightmare in the Senna Cornelius P2 stage difficulty, using a take a look at it!
    Demon Hunter
    The demon hunter can now not appropriate for demon hunter from pandaria falling globe leaders get boxes (fortunate to acquire the horse).
    The Paladin
    Blessing of sanctuary is now 30 seconds cooldown.
    Group copy and underground city
    Emerald Nightmare
    Holy Shield or protection of the blessing and other damage towards the immune class expertise now able to block the damage in the nightmare from the spear.
    Igno J
    The core of the use of shadow stalker blow or shadow dance when no longer attack Ignatius north in to the interior.
    Necklace effects of jewelry processing are now properly compressed in time and space.
    Now can a lot more quickly get the activity "ruins treasure" in Ellis stone. Furious Highborne soul now includes a 100% possibility to drop a gem.
    The captain on the watch tower is no longer restricted to the quantity of players.
    Alliance players are now in a position to finish the "complete cycle" of the gas.
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