NBA2K17 game model of defense and celebrity when AI

  • NBA2K17 game model of defense and celebrity when AI experience
    NBA2K17 appreciate basketball good friends play? This time for everybody to bring the NBA2K17 game model and celebrity defense when AI practical experience, let us look at the game player game expertise to know how, never miss, together with the view of it.
    On the sidelines and.
    1, the whole menu interface within this year is especially large amplitude correction, into a streamlined menu, each mode has a specific image, let the game player can more simply and immediately, this generation is definitely the most clean interface given that ancient good-looking.
    2, reported by David Aldridge court replaced Doris Burke, but the feeling will not be substantially difference, suspended when the coach will have their own voice around the sidelines, reminders of the players.
    3, a spring of fancy dunk half-time show.
    4, every single field has its own special music and sound.
    Attack and pass
    1, the player's shot into a semi circle, a tiny basket, shoot, throwing action need to also place the ball operation chance, when you use the right analog button hit rate will raise, but to consider pushing the path of slanting off the GG, also turn out to be much less probably to become shot Hot pot cover laptop or computer, not like a generation of CP3 are covered towards the Minow layup tragedy.
    two, pass the ball more than the best from the way, the use of this application in quick break pass singles or basket.
    three, to cancel a fancy dribble dribble (LT+ appropriate analog) into their collocation, let the game player fancy dribbling.
    four, just after scoring the basket sound with all the previous generation of more than a couple of (with various ambitions and unique angle).
    five, suspended substitutions and tactics becomes a bit too flower menu, eyes feel tired.
    1, the new 2KU this teaching model, novice players can gradually practice in this mode, whilst playing the side from the film to introduce.
    two, My GM do to strengthen considerably, game player can customize Jersey and Logo from the stadium, can accommodate as much as 36 teams.
    3, I have not finished the MC mode, but no less than the plot than the prior generation's adultery was much superior, but at least this generation story should not someone killed by a vehicle.
    1, the generation of canceled slide left and right defensive operations, changed the LT + RT collocation direction key operation, move around the defense more swiftly, but in addition make men and women feel slippery really feel.
    two steals added ideal analog joystick, let the ball defender allocated in one another once they dribble, defend the ball case steals foul increased a lot.
    3, vying for the rebound and moving the ball hall of fame laptop or computer is no longer patent low cost trick (suspected?), game player also can dial to dial out.
    Hall of fame AI
    This generation does not possess the so-called style form, only the difficulty with the points, in particular the hall of fame laptop set larger than the players, I would ask this is cheating?
    A dream group is also precise! In particular big brother, turning back shoppers also exaggerated, laptop or computer AI is still cheating is quite really serious.
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