How To Crafting in Path of Exile for Money?

  • Did you know How To Crafting in Path of Exile for Money? This time around I will be giving you some insight on how I personally make some early currency without relying on things like the “Chaos Recipe” (covered in my previous guide on vendors). POE Affix will again be utilized throughout the crafting process.



    Please keep in mind this is by no means meant to be anything other than some early currency to help your build get off the ground running, though it has always been a very steady form of income throughout a league, and in some cases even a winning lottery ticket! (Thank RNGeesus!)


    1. Inc = Increased
    2. Phys = Physical
    3. Ele = Elemental
    4. Res = Resistances
    5. ES = Energy Shield
    6. IAS = Increased Attack Speed
    7. ICS = Increased Cast Speed
    8. SP = Spell Power
    9. c = Chaos Orbs
    10. ex = Exalted Orbs
    11. prop = Property
    12. Know the Meta


    This is so important to ensuring you are crafting things people will want to buy rather than some niche bit of junk that will sit in your stash until the last week of a league.


    Check reddit and class forums and twitch to see what everyone is playing. What I mean by this is generally things like life Life/ES or Phys/Ele builds. Most of the player base has absolutely no idea what things are worth and will pay silly amounts of Path of exile orbs for a quick fix to get them mapping or round out resists after getting a desirable unique.


    Item Bases of Value
    Jewellery and belts are my go to always. This prevents you from doing the “Chaos Recipe” (found in my vendor guide) but you will easily make 2c per piece you identify anyway.


    I tend to also pick up a lot of jewels (there will be a separate section for these bad boys) and IL 71+ belts and jewellery then do a basic craft on them in the form of Transmute > Alteration spam. You either A) Hit something desirable or B) feel you have spent too much (you are looking to make a 10-30c sale for this method). Use an Augmentation if there is a free POE Affix slot and then pray to Chris Wilson and Regal.


    You then head to Elreon for Amulets and Rings or Tora for the Belt and fill the remaining POE Affix slot with either a core stat or resists (preferably resists). If I am feeling exceptionally lucky I just drop an Orb of Alchemy onto them and hope for the best.


    Below I will list the bases I look for:


    1. Belt Bases
    2. Leather – Flat Life (35+)
    3. Heavy – Strength (30+)
    4. Rustic – Phys Dmg % (22%)
    5. Crystal – ES (70+)
    6. Chain – I tend to avoid because the ES rolls are so low
    7. Ring Bases
    8. Two Stone Ring – Random Dual Res (my go to)
    9. Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz – Single Res
    10. Opal – Ele Dmg % (these are usually desired, definitely try to craft something)
    11. Steel – Flat Phys Dmg (these are usually desired, definitely try to craft something)
    12. Moonstone Ring – Flat ES (I wouldn’t usually craft on this over a Two Stone)
    13. Desirable Stats to Craft
    14. These values may appear low but provided you have a decent Life/ES roll and at least two resistances with another desirable affix, you will make an easy 2-5 Chaos, sometimes more, especially on a belt.


    Rings and Amulets generally tend to need something offensive as well to really hit some money (Belts generally cannot roll anything outside of what is listed below).


    1. Maximum Life – 70+, Belt, Rings & Amulet.
    2. Resistance – 25%+ x2, Belt, Rings & Amulet. Two Stone Rings can easily hit 50% for two resistances; this combined with a decent Life Roll will be an easy sell or even something you will consider using yourself.
    3. All Res – 15%+, Rings & Amulet.
    4. Flat Ele/Phys – Rings & Amulet.
    5. Inc Ele Dmg % – Rings & Amulet.
    6. Inc Attack/Cast Speed – Rings & Amulet, 5%+
    7. Core Stats Str/Dex/Int/All Attributes (Amulets) – These can be desirable for Amulets and Rings as a lot of builds need to meet requirements for gear and gems.
    8. Inc SP – 18%+, Amulet.


    These REALLY require you to know what the majority of the community is playing (referred to as the “Flavor of the Month” or “FOTM”) but the pay off for your research can be huge.


    Let us assume life based physical attack builds are the current FOTM and we find a Jewel of Magic Rarity with two affixes relating, Inc Phys Dmg % and Life %. This is already extremely valuable and just for you identifying it you have probably made 20c so it is absolutely worth using a Regal Orb.


    Other stats like resistances, mana leech (0.35%+) and even base stats coupled with Life % as a 2 prop can make you an easy 2-10c depending on how the league is trending.


    Hitting a good 3 or even 4 prop rare jewel can net you upwards a few Exalted Orbs. If you can be bothered I highly recommend picking up Jewels you find as I have made a lot of easy currency like this.


    If I have missed anything or you are still left with questions as a lot of the topics I cover are much broader than what can be answered in such a short guide. Feel free to hit me up in the comments section below.