The important part is

  • This is mostly concerning the Madhouse, however MS2 Mesos, it applies to too many events in Maple, which have an element of RNG and restricted attempts. An event needs to have a means to make sure everybody wins, given they strive hard enough.

    Examples for your Madhouse event: Allow going back in if reaching the Escape room, without using up another pass. It's still possible to never find a particular page, even when allowed to wander the Madhouse forever, but it becomes vanishingly unlikely. Make it possible to purchase any diary page you are missing by paying some (big) number of coins.

    Make the opportunity for obtaining a page out of the proper reactor go up with the number of attempts you make, until it reaches 100 percent or till you have the page. So, if the prospect of a Test Tube dropping Page 2 starts out in 5%, then each time you trigger a Test Tube it'll go up by another 5%, until after 20 Test Tubes you are assured of getting that page. When you get the page the opportunity resets to 5% and remains there.

    I'm sure different methods can be considered. The important part is, again make sure everyone who makes a sincere effort can finish the occasion. Real Life does that, but we play games to escape the temptations of actual life, to not acquire more of these.

    After a few frustrating efforts in the train and beating Shao, I've come up with a way to kill her for Zero that should result in no passing (it did for me personally, twice in a row,) and a couple(somewhat apparent, but still potentially helpful)hints for penalizing the train. The majority of this relies on the ability "Time Holding" so if you're too low to have that ability, this might not be as useful, but you still may find a few hints.

    Always visit the left as that is Buy Maplestory 2 Mesos where the last car is along with the explosions you have to escape from start on the right. Stay on the top for so much as you can as there is less things to block you and allow the explosions to catch up to you.When you need to go down, just jump near the edge of the top of a vehicle and you ought to get within another one.Don't kill any of these monsters, just press on your potions and walk beyond them.Make sure you have your "Rewind" on in the event that you're high enough to possess it. If you make a mistake and the explosions have been in view, use "Time Holding" and try and get as far ahead of these as you can.