Well MapleStory I fortnite items dont


    Well MapleStory I fortnite items dont recall what MTS stands for making it clear that it is a ban offence would clean at least some of it up That is my thought it may not be successful but it would not hurtI dont recall what MTS stands for can someone refresh me The problem is that Nexon itself does not care about doing it We seen this by then


    giving second and third chances They essentially stop caring for awhile now and placing any type of new rules in the TOS isnt going correct anything Since the players of the sport understand that Nexon does not care that much then they dont care  Nexon should be firm about breaking the TOS rather than giving out second chances to


    every hacker on the market Theres no other gambling company that gives hackers or those who break the TOS another chance unless it was a banningI think its a bit too late now though if Nexon awakened there game and did this They showed they dont care so having them measure up today will require a very long time to fix any


    problems right now Cease accepting people who split the TOS in matters fortnite materials for sale and there guilds of that type The people will selling there stuff for actual money if you stop purchasing the stuff then However that is never likely to happen so in ways we just have to learn to dealBringing back the MTS or placing NX will not fix a thing but

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