The brand new chaotic Maplestory M Mesos copy


    The brand new chaotic Maplestory M Mesos copy of this older driver play method can help the new rapid growth, new mengxin no longer challenging to group the problem. But mengxin can't hang up to hang the platform ! Unless you are a priest, an initiator, or even a heavy gunner, don't forget to visit the red star shop in Queenstown to buy curative reiki AIDS, since black fat may dramatically lessen the effects of medication on MapleStory 2 players, while curative magic doesn't.


    The older driver MapleStory 2 gameplay of chaotic copy differs from the older driver MapleStory 2 gameplay of experience copy. The old driver trick for experience dungeons would be to go through the customs and provide an old motorist a replica, collect a specific quantity of old driver money and then go to Queenstown to find NPC Sparta to exchange for the desired thing.


    The old driver's MapleStory 2 game is to get the older driver's treasure box as long as the older driver's treasure box has the new chaotic copy. There are rich prizes in the old driver's treasure box, such as ancient magic stone, various style gems, capacitor crystals and other props, along with an additional old driver's cash can also be given.


    The shadow coin limit has been upgraded again, with up to 75, 000 shadow Maple M Mesos MapleStory 2 Mesos saved. Super trendy dark series instruments, a total of four upgraded instruments, these four instruments are green caliber. The instruments purchased in the tool store are of white caliber, the tools traded in the shadow coin shop are of green caliber, and also the tools bought in the mall are of blue caliber. Just 1 score may be used for the white quality after, only two scores may be used for the green quality after, and only 3 scores can be used for its blue caliber after.



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