Would be the proper Maplestory 2 Mesos tactics


    Would be the proper Maplestory 2 Mesos tactics for playing a From Software game. For starters, I was always a sword and shield user in the Souls Runescape games, barely taking a step in those worlds without a shiny piece of metal held up between myself and the various monsters. In Bloodborne, your best defense is often a heavy offense. You're given


    two weapons to start, one for each hand, which should have made it clear from the getgo that I would need to play a more aggressive style of game. It's taken two hours to get that into my head, as I've spent much of that time dancing around my enemies, worrying too much about finding holes in their attack patterns rather than just


    finishing them off before they had the opportunity to notice me. You can also regain a bit of health if you stay aggressive, with a section of your lifebar up for recovery if you manage to land a few blows immediately after being attacked. Thanks to my Souls training, I've spent a lot of time backing away and hiding when I take a big hit.


    I'm slowly but surely breaking myself of that habit, too, trying to maplestory 2 fishing guide get it through my head that a wound should be immediately answered in kind.Enemies also behave a bit differently in Bloodborne and gave me a few opportunities I wasn't expecting. They'll move around the area in packs on set patterns, or just mill about from time to



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