Every hacker on Maplestory M Mesos the


    Every hacker on Maplestory M Mesos the market Theres no other gaming company that gives another opportunity unless it was a banning to hackers or people who violate the TOSI think that its a bit too late now though if Nexon stepped up there match and did this They showed they dont care so having them step up will require a lengthy time to fix any


    problems at this time Point is the gamers need to do there own thing and do exactly what they did before in prebb Stop accepting individuals who split the TOS in there guilds and things of this type They also need to stop buying the gear and the mesos or NX from these players The folks will sell there stuff for actual cash if you stop


    buying the stuff then eventually That is never going to happen so in a sense we need to learn how to dealBringing back the MTS or putting NX wont solve something but make things worse They took the MTS out bc of individuals and exploits getting hacked from there Thats just going to happen again Putting NX from the AH may


    help a little but it will be exploited like no other as it involves money exactly Maple M Mesos like the MTS was People need to take this game seriously if they want a better game not only Nexon but the playersCan MapleStory HighV boxes be deletedSince hottimes technically reset at midnight PST I assumed they meant midnight PST Especially since



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