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  • He's also simply Soul Worker Dzenai making more of his open threepointerspercent topercent which has helped raise his overall percentage frompercent to nearlypercent on the yearHarden'strue shooting percentage has been similar in both wins and losses and while Houston's offense with him on the floor has naturally dipped in defeats it hasn't been the


    utter train wreck it was earlier in the seasonThe defense has slightly improvedAs bad as Harden shot early in the season his downright lazy defense got most of the headlines That poor effort on the defensive end rubbed off on the rest of the roster to the point that it looked like the team had flat out quit on McHaleThe hope was that


    Bickerstaff the mastermind of the Rockets' defensive turnaround last year could fix those issues and get the team back to playing elitelevel defenseIt's been a bit of a mixed bag on that front The defense has been better going from just underpoints perpossessions allowed in the firstgames to a shade belowpoints perpossessions allowed


    over the last There have still been plenty of defensive cheap Soul Worker Dzenai lapses though and that improved mark is mainly a function of the current threegame winning streak the team is on Houston has allowed aboutpoints perpossessions during the streak which includes wins against the two Los Angeles teams and the Charlotte HornetsAll three


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